Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adriana Lima-high fashion

There's no doubt about it, that when people think of Victoria's Secret, Adriana Lima comes to mind.  Adriana is most famous for modeling for the VS brand. But, some of Adriana's first modeling gigs weren't all for Victoria's Secret. In early 1996, Adriana Lima worked the runway shows for high fashion designers such as Christian Lacroix, Emanuel Ungaro, Valentino and Fendi. She also appeared on the covers of Vogue and Marie Claire. It wasn't until later on in 1996, that Adriana worked for the Victoria's Secret fashion shows. After that, she has continued to be the face of Victoria's Secret and the Angels. She has successfully made a name for herself through the Victoria's Secret brand. More recently, in 2009, Adriana returned to high fashion! She modeled for Givenchy in 2009 and 2011. She was also featured on two of the most fashion forward magazines, ELLE and Vogue Spain. Whether it's modeling for lingerie or high fashion, I'll always love Adriana Lima.

Adriana in ELLE:

Adriana at Givenchy 2009:

Adriana at Givenchy 2011:

Adriana as Winehouse in Love:
Adriana in Vogue Spain:

[images from sylefrizz, & superficialdiva]


  1. She's amazing for sure! LINDA!

    Loved your blog ;)

  2. Ya she is a great model. She looks naturally beautiful! Which is much appreciated because all the plastic surgery now, people look fake. I love her work! Great post, thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Amanda Archambault
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