Saturday, August 27, 2011


    It's about that time of year...
Summer is out- fall is in!
I'm happy to say that we are now transitioning into the fall season.
So, aside from getting away from the unbearable heat (which I despise), summer fashion will soon fade away, and fall fashion will soon kick in.
Appropriately enough, I have the inside scoop on the "new-new" for the fall.

1. "RIGHT ANGLES"- It's no question that geometry was used as inspiration for Balenciaga, Celine and Antonio Berardi and other A-list designers, for their Fall 2011 collections! Right angles or anything geometric will be one of this season’s hottest trends. Mixing sleek colors with daring designs & prints- will make you a trendsetter this fall! 

2. "GYM CLASS"- Athletic, gym and sporty fashion hit the Fall 2011 runway BIGTIME! So, break out the heather grays and bright neon colors; 'cause ultra-chic gym wear will be huge this season.

3. "VICTORIAN STYLE"- This is not so much a new trend, but more of a continuing and intensified trend. Last season, "lace-everything" was a hit for fashion. However, this season, the lace trend fashion has turned up a few notches! Intricate beading, ribbon detailing and cool colors have all been incorporated into lace clothing- thus, intensifying the lace trend. This season, lace will not be as "sexy" as it was last season, but instead, lace has been used to create a more subtle, delicate and Victorian look for the fall.

4. "SUITED-UP"- Perhaps, one of my favorite and classic trends for the fall! Traditionally, every designer closes their fashion shows with gowns and dresses. But, for the Fall 2011 shows, designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, The Row (Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen) and Ferragamo opted to close with tuxedo inspired clothing. Each designer had his or her own take on the tuxedo trend, from a more lady-like look to a more boyfriend style. These tuxedo trends will suit you well this season!

4.  "MOD STYLE"- This trend is completely 60's! Ultra feminine and extra chic! Incorporating knee-length skirts with posh like accents and bold jewelry, will make give you a retro look for the fall! 

5. "RIDER STYLE"- Similarly to the lace trend, leather is another continuing trend. Leather biking style jackets, riding leather boots, and leather leggings/skirts with layered accessories will all be part of this trending fashion. Be sure to mix in lace  & leather to give you a girly-edgy look-perfect for the upcoming season!