Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rock n Roll According to Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz takes the spotlight for The Block's newest edition!
The bi-annual magazine featured a personal interview with Kravitz discussing his view on rock n roll these days.
Case in point: where are all the true rock stars these days?
Well, we don't know for sure. We can assume that with the new genre and era of music quickly taking over, rock n roll stars such as Dave Grohl and Pete Doherty have almost disappeared off the music radar. But, what we can say, is that badass Lenny Kravitz is still around (sort of).

What does Kravitz think about the fading of rock n roll stars? In Kravitz interview with The Block, he says,
"I'm not happy nobody makes albums anymore. The album is a piece of art. A painting, a sculpture, a book, a photograph. I grew up in a time when albums were monumental. Stevie, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davies, Stones, whatever it might be. They were serious things and they were beautiful. It was a statement, the entire album. Now we have the ability to pick apart the songs. As far as keeping the preservation of the album, it's the worst thing. It's like going to buy art and saying, I'll just take the left corner of the painting in the bottom. I want the foot. Well, the intention was the entire painting. It's the same thing with the album".  
 He then gives us a look into his newest album Black and White. Kravitz states,
"Actually, I thought of the name while I was watching this documentary about Obama. These people were saying they were going to stop him from being president, saying we got plans, he's going to be killed, we want to take America back to the way it was 100 years ago. Of course we know racism exists, but when we hear people that are so hateful and ignorant, it's like really? I want to transcend black and white."
In more ways than one, he's right. No only is the title so appropriate for society's racial views, but same goes for his life growing up. Kravitz was born into a bi-racial family, his mom black and his dad white, Jewish. Kravits told The Block, 
"I grew up in the middle of everything. I've never fit into a box. I love that. At one of my shows, you'll see a seven-year-old and a sixty-five year-old woman and everything in between, every color".  
VALID. I mean really, go to a Lenny Kravitz concert and you'll see as much diversity as the streets of New York City . But it's his music that has brought people of all different backgrouds together. 
And that, is the art of music!!!
So aside from the fact that Kravitz has nine phenomenal albums to date, along with four film credits- we can asssume that he also likes to have some downtime in between right? So say Kravits,
 "Well, I live in a trailer, like a little Airstream on the beach. First thing I do is get out and look at the sky, thank God for the day, get into the water, sit, think, make music, think about where I'm gonna get lunch from. Go to the studio, make some music. In and out. Whatever I feel like doing. Hanging".
So, straight hanging right? I guess that's rock star life (least according to Kravitz).
"It's the real rock-star life."-LK
Rest-assured that Kravitz is still making music.
Make sure you listen to his album Black and White.
And, if you are a reader of The Hunger Games series, be on the lookout for the movie on March 23, feautring Lenny Kravits. 
'Cause according to Kravitz himself, "It's going to be a huge movie."
I must say so myself Kravitz is rocking Phillip Lim, John Varatos and Tim Hamilton quite nicely. (Of course, I would notice that- how could I leave the fashion out of this?)
Photos & Inteview done by: The Block Magazine. 

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