Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ed Westwick and The Block

Not too long ago, I blogged over my obsession of Ed Westwick on the cover of The Block magazine- I have more updates! The bi-annual magazine also features an exclusive interview with the handsome actor. Here are a few more pictures and a glimpse of some interview questions released by The Block. The Block's 24th issue is now officially available, get a copy to read more about Ed Westwick's exlusive feature. Enjoy!

The Block: So in addition to that film, I read that you signed on to do Clint Eastwood’s upcoming J. Edgar Hoover movie…
Ed: Yeah, I’m very excited about that. Leonardo DiCaprio, and I don’t know who they’ve cast in the female lead yet, I think they were talking about Naomi Watts [ed note: Naomi Watts has signed on], but to work with people like that, like Clint Eastwood, is just fantastic.

The Block: Do you think Gossip Girl exposed you to a side of New York that you might not have found out about otherwise?
EdThe show has been a huge part of what I have been exposed to, and what my experience has been here. And when the show is over, I think I’ll go and move to L.A. because I’ve never lived there, and I’d like to see what that’s all about. But I’d like to come back here later down the line, and experience this city in a different way. I’ve only experienced New York as being this teenager turned 20-something who is on this TV show … I’ve never experienced the city as a normal guy … well, I’m not abnormal. But it’s a different experience to grow up in a city and walk down the street and have every third person know who you are. It’s been cool and it’s fun, but that aspect is fucking weird, you know?

The Block: So music is still a big part of your life?
Ed: Oh, yes, hugely. Last night I actually went to see The Decemberists. It was very cool. I definitely go and see as many bands as I can. I had a flirtation with the Kings of Leon last year, so that was fun … but that’s over now. I’m still totally driven by the classics, like The Rolling Stones and The Doors and that kind of stuff. That’s where my heart is.

photos by Steven Pan via The Block.
Interview via The Block.

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